Websites are fun, but hard

There was a time, roughly ten years ago, when I was super into building my own websites/blogs and became extremely familiar with a few different contend management systems. I even got into forum software for a bit.

Eventually I drifted away from it because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted my focus to be, and was essentially paying a monthly sub to learn how to install things. This was valuable knowledge, but without a clear thing to apply it too it felt more wasteful as time passed. I cancelled my hosting accounts and retired a couple domains.

Now however, when I’ve begun getting real art commissions and other projects that really do warrant an internet “home base” of sorts, it feels like an actual need. There’s also the matter of the various social platforms becoming increasingly toxic pushing me to consider controlling my own central hub of “posting stuff”, professional or not. The appeal is strong.

I’m out of practice, but I feel like the time is right to give properly having a website a go, and not “just” a portfolio of art with little further commentary.  I’m going to try to draw and post and write more.  Throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks, like I used to “back in the day”. Lol.