Channel Branding: BongEye

This was an interesting challenge as it was a re-draw/redesign of the existing mascot character for BongEye’s twitch channel. You can see the designs in action on his website, and buy them on merch at his Design By Humans store here!

There are more poses coming so expect to see more in this gallery soon.

Channel Graphics for Soviet Method

Some custom assets for SovietMethod’s twitch channel. We’re working on updated his whole channel so there will be more in here in future!

Channel Graphics for iheartbees

Channel Graphics for my wife ihearbees’ twitch channel. The bee in the logo was a free graphic that I’d intended as a placeholder but she ended up preferring it.

Tales From The Gameverse – Voice Work

A sprawling, sometimes Lovecraftian meta-fiction by my dear friend Optipersona. This is a playlist of just my episodes.


  • Lore Narrator – Mass Effect Codex Entry Reading
  • Conspirator 3/Wight – Interlude 14, starts 12:53
  • Professor/Keeper Codex, real name Shirley Faraday – All episodes except the two listed above