Sometime after I wrote that last post I developed some breathing issues on top of everything else, and was really starting to wonder “is this just how it’s going to be from now on” and was even more low-energy because of it. (Low oxygen intake makes you low-energy, go figure.)

However! After two different inhaled meds and some experimentation, I’ve discovered that part of the problem is something in the building that I have a bit of a reaction to. I take my puffers AND sleep with a window cracked overnight and it’s made a world of difference. Some of my non-respiratory issues have improved as well (prob getting better sleep) so I think it’s safe to say I’ll have a bunch of new stuff up soon. 

Don’t have much more for ya right now, but wanted to put that out there because I’m pretty happy about it. My internal sleep clock is still fuxored though so I’m just on my way to bed now. Hope that isn’t too hard to sort out.

Take care everybody. ♥