So I’m watching The Expanse

And this is a totally useless observation but I have thoughts about the main dude’s haircut.

I have a sidecut myself so I’m obviously a fan, but what I’m really loving to the point of distraction/anger about it here is that it’s on a guy who’s maybe a little older than who traditionally gets to have these kinds of cool haircuts in media? He’s at least my age (40ish at a guess) and has enviously long fluffy eyebrows to boot, offsetting the short side beautifully. I am extremely jealous of this combination. Sure, the un-shaved portion of my hair is much longer but that’s simply accomplished by not cutting that part. How dare this man look so awkward AND fucking cool and believable in the story-universe he exists in AT THE SAME TIME with his mature dude version of MY haircut?

Pray for me as I binge through all four seasons of this hair mastery.